Millions of people across the world gathered in protest against Donald Trump’s ascension to power last week. On January 21st hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Washington D.C. for many reasons, but all of them were there to support women and to stand against the president.

Women's March on Washington D.C. January 21, 2017

Each of the millions of marchers have their own story, their own miles traveled to be at their march, and their own reason for putting their bodily protest where their mouths were.

There were signs in favor of standing together against racism, protecting the environment, and embracing refugees and migrants.


There were signs supporting women’s rights, signs calling for the release of the president’s tax returns, and signs protesting the interference of Russia in our election.

There were signs protesting the president’s boasts that he can “grab ‘em by the pussy”.

WomenPINIMAGEWomenPINIMAGEThere were signs in support of LGBT rights and against the KKK and fascism.WomenPINIMAGEWomenPINIMAGEWomenPINIMAGEMany protesters had marched before, including the man below, who had a sign that said “I thought I was finished marching on Washington” and who told me he marched in 1968.WomenPINIMAGEWomenPINIMAGEWomenPINIMAGEIf you were at the Women’s March on Washington, in any city around the world, I would love for you to comment here about your story and why you marched, and what you will do now that you have marched.


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