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I am a documentary photographer with a heart that looks for truthiness. Mostly I find truth in people, so I make portraits.

I love local food, things hand-made and hand-grown, moments of real heart, and the realization of social justice.

Photographs made by other people invite me into a moment that would otherwise have been lost to me. My photographs do the same for you: you’ve invited into that split second between the world and my eye.

Reach me on instagram or twitter, or by e-mailing info@megwilsonphotography.com to talk with me about photography. 

To read a cute story about how I met my husband of 11 years when we were kids, click here.

megwilson-1-4PINIMAGEI love shooting with my grandpa’s Yashica-Mat. He bought it in 1958, the year my mother was born, and used it in his work as a newspaper photographer for a paper in a small town in New Mexico. Most of my square images have been made on this film camera, including all of the portraits at the top of this page.


 When I need to refresh my memory of The Things That Came Before, I go to photographs. The photographs of my childhood define my early life for me. 

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Because I have the photographic evidence I know that, for example, my family owned camping. I learned from the pictures of myself as an infant that I’ve been surrounded by loving family since… well. Forever. Also, that I had this sort of grimace that was supposed to pass as a smile, and my face scrunched into this “smile” every time someone pulled out a camera. For years.

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Send me a note (here) and introduce yourself.


Meg Wilson Photography by Hoopla Films Lexington KYPINIMAGEphoto by Hoopla Films


Meg Wilson Photography by Selah Photography Lexington KY Meg WilsonPINIMAGEphotos by Selah Photography

Meg Wilson Photography Lexington KY PINIMAGEYep, it’s a mirror selfie.


Here’s what one of my brides said about working with me and my husband Matt, who assists me at weddings:

“Meg not only captured our day perfectly–she really relayed the story of it all–but she and Matt were also such a lovely, calming presence. The photos are simply gorgeous.”


Here’s what a nice old lady wearing a yellow sweatshirt and a straw gardening hat, who I photographed in her front yard said when I handed her the print:

“Well, doesn’t it look just like me.”


Here’s my Non-discrimination Policy:

It is the policy of Meg Wilson Photography to provide services to all persons without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation. No person will be excluded from any service or be subject to discrimination because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation.

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