I married my childhood crush | Today is our 10 year anniversary

Kentucky wedding photography_0029PINIMAGEHere is the story of how Matt and I met. For me it is especially sweet to read it on this day.   

      Meg: I grew up in New Mexico. When I was in 4th grade I was into reading novels, rock climbing and gymnastics. My older brother played soccer on a city team. A boy moved from another part of town and joined my brother’s team.

            He was Matt Wilson… or, as I called him… The Cutest Boy in the World.


            Matt: When I was 11, my family moved to a new part of town. I joined the local AYSO soccer team, and met James Hamilton. We became friends and for the next several years, I was always hanging out at the Hamiltons’.


            I had an instant crush. I told my friends that the Cutest Boy in the World was best friends with my brother, and invited them to come see for themselves (they didn’t take me up on it).

            He and my brother played video games. I thought of a clever way to be in the same room as them, while remaining unnoticed. I would read a book in the corner, and also observe my crush.


            Of course, Meg was there too, but I remember her as a shy, quiet girl who mostly sat in the corner reading books.


            My crush continued secretly for a few years, even after Matt moved away to Reno. I still have a tiny rectangle torn off of an envelope that he sent a letter to my brother in- Matt’s address written by his own hand!


            But. The years went by and he stopped coming through town in the summers. I became busy studying to be an LPN, while pursuing my passion for photography, all while still in high school.


            By the time I had turned 20, my family had moved to another state and I hadn’t seen the Hamilton clan for several years. Then a buddy of mine and I decided to take the epic road trip we’d always talked about. In July of 2001 we started our coast-to-coast journey. We stopped in at my hometown, and drove over to visit the Hamiltons.


            In the summer before my senior year of high school Matt Wilson came back to town to visit his grandma, while on a road trip across the country with a friend.

            He visited my family.


            I knocked on the door, and Meg answered. What happened next depends upon who you ask. I thought that my astonishment at the transformation from being “Jim’s little sister” to “Jim’s little sister who has grown up and become amazingly attractive” was subtle. Meg’s mom says when I caught a glimpse of Meg, my jaw dropped visibly.


            By this time I was pretty focused on school. The Cutest Boy in the World had grown up into a handsome fellow, but I had priorities. I had goals that I wasn’t going to be distracted from. ;)


            I was smitten. It only took a couple of months for me to know that this was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. It took Meg a bit longer to warm up to me. What I didn’t know, because she didn’t tell me until we were ENGAGED, is that she had a major crush on me when we were kids.


            It took a couple of years of convincing, and it also took Matt almost getting arrested in a foreign country for me to realize that I didn’t want The Cutest Boy in the World moving away from me forever. I had learned that he was not just handsome; he was kind, loving, trustworthy and up for a life of adventure.


            On a chilly January day, we joined our lives in the company of the people we love the most. We’d known each other for almost half our lives, and now we were choosing to spend the rest of it together.


            We got married in a church with stained-glass windows, with our families DIYing and crafting, and making everything way before the days of Pinterest. It was January 8th, 2005. 10 years ago today.


            All of those years were the beginning chapters of our story. There have been lots of sub-plots in those chapters. We’ve had adventures, ups and downs, and two kids. It has been epic, and this story is not over yet.


North Carolina fine art documentary weddingPINIMAGE(Side note: I discovered that we don’t have recent pictures of the two of us, really. The black and white one up there is when a wedding guest asked to take a picture of us with my film camera. :) The picture on the end of Matt and our kids was taken by Christine of Goldie and Christine, and the picture of Matt holding an umbrella over me as I shoot was taken by a friend while we were photographing his sister’s wedding. Thank you *all* for these pictures!)           

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