Matthew + Michael | A Love for All Seasons

Matthew and Michael want to win an engagement photography session, and have submitted this story to the Epic Story Contest! If you think their story should win them the engagement session, leave them a comment!


 Matthew and Michael

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We came together as the summer term of 2009 started at Berea College. For
both of us, it was a time of renewal, change and reflection. For both of
us, it was a time in which we needed the love and support of another to
face the challenges of the world. For both of us, it was a time in which we
each found a man for all seasons.

After mutual friends introduced us, we began writing letters to each other.
Despite seeing each other every day, we found the time to show ourselves to
each other through our written words. The campus post office happily
exchanged our letters, which must’ve lain together for a time in the
incoming box before making their way to our little cubby holes.

In reading those letters, we came to feel the presence of each other in
our lives beyond the physical. Through the words we have given each other,
neither of us lack a hand to hold in moments of strife or joy. As we found
ourselves bearing the burdens of a world that is at times cruel and
desperate to deny love and beauty, we found ourselves bearing one another.

Hoisting us above the tangible barriers of space, our meager scribbles
became something more than ink on paper. Our silent marks gave voice to the
soundless desires that too often find themselves beneath the level of
expression. Beyond the torments of schoolyard bullies, capricious
bureaucrats, cruel strangers and the traumatic barbs that only close
loved-ones can wield, we each found life-sustaining love.

Our words to each other continue as we defy the assaults of a world that
would deny us happiness and prosperity. We live in a world that would deny
our love, but we have instead found its match, a husband. We have each
found a man who can meet with another the challenges of all seasons.

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