Meg Wilson 2014

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen 

I want to thank every stranger who let me into their life for a moment to make a portrait with me in 2014, and everyone that I already knew who let me photograph with them; friends and family. Thank you so much for taking the time to create with me last year.

In 2014 I shot at least one portrait on my film cameras almost every single day- my 365 project that I had set as a creative goal for the year. It was an exercise in encouraging myself to really see my community and engage the people around me as I try to sink roots in a new place. A large part of my motivation was to show this part of Appalachia to my friends and family in the west, and we also took a trip back to New Mexico, and I made some images along the way.

Some days everything clicked, and it was fantastic and addicting.

Some days I asked people if I could make a photograph of them and they declined and hurried away.

On some days I let Resistance overcome me, and I didn’t shoot at all.

When we stayed home on our farm I made portraits of my kids (um, we stayed home a lot last year). When I was photographing strangers and friends, my kids were usually right there, behind or beside me. Sometimes I pulled our car over to talk to someone in their yard and photograph them and the kids patiently watched an waited, wanting to hear all about our new friend when I got back in.

I wanted to share these favorite moments of trying to be authentic on either side of the camera, since I know many of you have been following along with me on instagram.

So here is 2014 from Kentucky to New Mexico, in no particular order:

Meg Wilson 2014Meg Wilson_0125Meg Wilson_0127Meg Wilson_0128Meg Wilson_0129Meg Wilson_0126Meg Wilson_0138Meg Wilson_0140Meg Wilson_0119Meg Wilson_0139Meg Wilson_0121Meg Wilson_0137Meg Wilson_0141Meg Wilson_0122Meg Wilson_0090Meg Wilson_0088Meg Wilson_0083Meg Wilson_0084Meg Wilson_0131Meg Wilson_0079Meg Wilson_0081Meg Wilson_0098Meg Wilson_0099Meg Wilson_0080Meg Wilson_0082Meg Wilson_0110Meg Wilson_0113Meg Wilson_0115Meg Wilson_0114Meg Wilson_0092Meg Wilson_0077Meg Wilson_0076Meg Wilson_0130Meg Wilson_0070Meg Wilson_0074Meg Wilson_0073Meg Wilson_0072Meg Wilson_0065Meg Wilson_0062Meg Wilson_0061Meg Wilson_0063Meg Wilson_0060Meg Wilson_0059Meg Wilson_0058Meg Wilson_0052Meg Wilson_0053Meg Wilson_0051Meg Wilson_0054Meg Wilson_0142Meg Wilson_0143Meg Wilson_0136Meg Wilson_0132Meg Wilson_0148Meg Wilson_0105Meg Wilson_0102Meg Wilson_0112Meg Wilson_0111Meg Wilson_0104Meg Wilson_0106Meg Wilson_0146Meg Wilson_0107Meg Wilson_0100Meg Wilson_0101Meg Wilson_0108Meg Wilson_0096Meg Wilson_0091Meg Wilson_0093Meg Wilson_0116Meg Wilson_0117Meg Wilson_0123Meg Wilson_0113Meg Wilson_0075Meg Wilson_0064Meg Wilson_0057Meg Wilson_0050Meg Wilson_0149Meg Wilson_0066Meg Wilson_0067Meg Wilson_0068Meg Wilson_0078Meg Wilson_0085Meg Wilson_0094Meg Wilson_0089Meg Wilson_0069Meg Wilson_0103Meg Wilson_0087


January 16, 2015

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