I thought I’d share a little bit more about my home, which is an organic homestead in Garrard County. Paint Lick, actually. Yes, that is the name of the nearest town (even the people at the post offices in the city raise their eyebrows at me when they see it.) We have only been on our land a little over a year, and are working towards being more self-sufficient/resilient. We compost. We garden. We heat our home with wood. We do have chickens, bee hives, sheep, milk goats, and lots of farm babies. And my babies! Here’s a little slice of an average day:

In the early spring I would go up to the barn each morning to take care of the expectant ewes, feed the chickens and our pyrenees and barn cat. KentuckyFarmPhotography_0027-27PINIMAGE KentuckyFarmPhotography_0006-6PINIMAGE KentuckyFarmPhotography_0009-9PINIMAGE KentuckyFarmPhotography_0028-28PINIMAGE KentuckyFarmPhotography_0004-4PINIMAGE

After barn chores comes time with my littles!KentuckyFarmPhotography_0025-25PINIMAGE KentuckyFarmPhotography_0026-26PINIMAGEThey are fantastic. Brother said “I blowed her a crown!” KentuckyFarmPhotography_0012-12PINIMAGE KentuckyFarmPhotography_0015-15PINIMAGE KentuckyFarmPhotography_0014-14PINIMAGEThe Littles and I spend a fair bit of time in the yard, where we have a couple of gardens. On this day, which was the day the breeze warmed up and the grass began to grow, the honey bees and native pollinator bees were converging on our ornamental pear tree.KentuckyFarmPhotography_0017-17PINIMAGEKentuckyFarmPhotography_0019PINIMAGEKentuckyFarmPhotography_0020-20PINIMAGE KentuckyFarmPhotography_0001-1PINIMAGE KentuckyFarmPhotography_0002-2PINIMAGE KentuckyFarmPhotography_0021-21PINIMAGE KentuckyFarmPhotography_0022-22PINIMAGE KentuckyFarmPhotography_0023-23PINIMAGE Ember_ToesPINIMAGEMy littlest little spends her time in several different carriers. She helps me garden from her perch on my back.

    Now summer is here, I spend less time at the barn, and these images from the earliest spring day make me look forward to cooler weather, and the expectation of new baby animals once again. :)

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