Ruth + Ben | Married!! | St. Andrew Orthodox Church

It was such an honor to photograph Ruth and Ben on the day they married each other. It was the type of day that I just love to photograph: a couple truly in love, in an intimate gathering of close friends and family to witness and celebrate their sacred ceremony.

There are several symbolic actions in orthodox ceremonies. The candles that Ruth and Ben held to symbolize their spiritual willingness to receive Christ. There are the crowns which are “signs of the glory and honor with which God crowns the couple during the sacrament. Some interpret the crowns…to refer to the crowns of martyrdom since every true marriage involves immeasurable self-sacrifice on both sides”. There is the “common cup of life [which] denotes the mutual sharing of joy and sorrow, the token of a life of harmony.”


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The wedding day, July 14, 2013:

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orthodox wedding_0030PINIMAGE Hunt Morgan House wedding receptionPINIMAGE orthodox wedding_0031PINIMAGEHunt Morgan House wedding receptionPINIMAGE orthodox wedding_0078PINIMAGE orthodox wedding_0076PINIMAGE orthodox wedding_0077PINIMAGE orthodox wedding_0064PINIMAGE orthodox wedding_0075PINIMAGE orthodox wedding_0081PINIMAGE orthodox wedding_0067PINIMAGE orthodox wedding_0066PINIMAGE orthodox wedding_0068PINIMAGE orthodox wedding_0069PINIMAGE orthodox wedding_0079PINIMAGE orthodox wedding_0070PINIMAGE orthodox wedding_0071PINIMAGE

orthodox wedding_0073PINIMAGE orthodox wedding_0072PINIMAGE orthodox wedding_0074PINIMAGE orthodox wedding_0080PINIMAGE

Venue: St. Andrew Orthodox Church, Lexington

Reception: Hunt Morgan House, Lexington

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